貴方にしかできないことが、きっとある。 What Only You Can Do


The world looks different to people in their 20s and 30s than it does to me. After all, there are limits to any one person's way of seeing. The time and place they live in, what they've seen, and other aspects of the environment. These make up the foundation of an artist's work, and the rest gets filled in with imagination. We're looking for people of all generations. People who see the world a little differently.

株式会社 CyDesignation代表取締役 皆葉英夫

CyDesignation, Inc. President
Hideo Minaba

2004年 スクウェア・エニックス退職するまでファイナルファンタジーシリーズアートディレクターなどを担当。

Served as Art Director of Square Enix and the Final Fantasy series until 2004

働いているヒトたちに聞いてみました。CyDesignationで働く魅力とは? In Their Own Words: What I Like About Working at CyDesignation


An airy office with spacious work spaces.


Work with large tablets and cutting-edge technology.


Take a breather in the relaxation room.


A meeting in progress.

募集要項 Details

契約形態Type of Employment 正社員または契約社員、業務委託契約
Service provision contract (gyomu itaku), limited-term employment contract (keiyakushain), or unlimited-term employment contract (seishain), depending on ability and experience. Additional conditions may apply for service provision contract.
Yearly compensation periodically re-evaluated according to performance
応募資格Job Requirements 高卒以上
High school diploma or equivalent
勤務地Office 東京都渋谷区
Shibuya City, Tokyo
勤務時間Hours 10:00~19:00
Generally 10 am to 7 pm. May vary according to type of occupation.
休日・休暇Days Off 完全週休2日制(土曜・日曜)、祝日、夏期休暇(7月1日~11月30日までの期間に3日間)、年末年始休暇(12月29日~1月3日)、年次有給休暇(初年度10日間)、慶弔休暇
2 days weekly. New Year's vacation (Dec. 29 - Jan. 3), national holidays, summer vacation (3 days between Jul. 1st and Nov. 30), paid vacation (10 days the first year), bereavement leave, etc. Subject to change.
各種保険Insurance Coverage 健康保険(関東ITソフトウェア健康保険組合加入)、雇用保険、労災保険、厚生年金保険
Health insurance (Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union), unemployment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, welfare pension insurance.
福利厚生Other Benefits 健康診断および二次健診、インフルエンザ予防接種、
Medical examination and flu vaccination for all types of employment. Rent stipend (for those living within two-stations from Shibuya or Shinsen), moving stipend, and child benefit for limited and unlimited-term employees.