猫姫 Cat Princess


yukari masuike (Toronn)


小さな猫の姿をした友達を着物の内に入れると、そこにできた暗がりにそれは住み着いてしまった。 彼女を連れ去ろうとする物の怪が現れると、十二単にできた闇から猫は現れ 彼女を守ろうとたたかう。物の怪を食らうほどに猫は成長し、次第に姫の手に余るようになっていった・・・

The princess was sickly from the time she was born, always straddling the line between life and death. Her only friend was the cat she kept inside her kimono. Unbeknownst to her, its shadows were growing...

When evil sprits came to drag the girl away, the cat emerged from the darkness of the girl's regal kimono. It grew into a giant big enough to eat the spirits and save its master. The princess, however, was unable to control her pet any longer...